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On behalf of the Mutual 3 Board of Directors, welcome to our Mutual 3 website. Feel free to explore the many features available on the site.

The purpose of the web site is to improve communications and allow residents to quickly and easily find information about the happenings within our Mutual. The site will only be as good as we make it, so please contribute any feedback that you think would be helpful and let us know what would make the site more useful to you.

Bulletin Board
04/14/2017 – April Board Meeting Minutes – Reports
The minutes from the this month’s board meeting are now available online.
04/14/2017 – April Board Meeting Agenda
The agenda for this month’s board meeting is now available online.
07/08/2016 – Annual Board Meeting Minutes – Reports
The minutes from this year’s annual meeting are now available online.
06/01/2013 – 1st Annual Beautiful Garden Award
See the list of winners and all nominated gardens.